Local 1814 Spartanburg

South Carolina 

Timebook Pro 09 - 2/27/2009

Timebook Pro (click to go to website)

Timebook Pro is a "FREE" program that keeps up with your trips, pay, shortages, and much, much more. This program is extremely impressive. It was developed by a railroader and includes wonderful features for keeping track of all aspects of the job. A MUST SEE!”

This program works on your computer with Microsoft Excel format.

You will find several useful and free record keeping tools that will help you record, track, and preserve your trip data.

While it has always been a necessity for railroad employees to keep an accurate record of earnings and expenses, the current economic environment only serves to make that task more vital than ever before. With the shrinking economy, and the nation’s railroads striving to cut costs at every corner, the burden lies on the  employees to ensure that every dollar earned is properly paid. Otherwise, they might very well become unwilling donors as management attempts to preserve the bottom line for the shareholders— as well as their own personal compensation packages.  Sadly enough, it has always been far easier for corporations to attack and attempt to reduce labor costs when a quick fix is a priority, instead of seeking new ways to operate more efficiently.  In many cases, some contractual obligations to employees are re-interpreted, or even circumvented entirely, as we all know. 


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