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Called Back From Furlough - 7/14/2009


When you get called back from furlough contact Steve White for "IMPORTANT INFORMATION" concerning insurance!! His number is - 864-379-4062.

United HealthCare (Cobra) - 4/26/2009

Furloughed members should have received a new letter from United HealthCare (UHC) cutting the cost of COBRA benefits to you by 65%. Thats right, you only have to pay 35% of what it would have costed to maintain health care coverage through COBRA. If you have not received the letter from UHC with the details you need to call them. 1-800-842-5252.

Health Insurance - 3/26/2009

Just received a letter in the mail today from United HealthCare Railroad Accounts.

The letter is talking about continuation of health coverage through COBRA after your 4 month of furlough coverage ends.

The price is high for not having a job. 558.28 employee and 558.28 for spouse. Thats for MMCP or CHCB. Dental and vision are extra.

If you are furloughed and have not received a letter and need HEALTH INSURANCE call United HealthCare. 1-800-842-5252.

FURLOUGHED? Click here! - 3/16/2009



We have 30 brothers and sisters furloughed out of Greenville/Spartanburg.

If you have any insurance policies through the UTUIA (Steve White),  and you are currently furloughed,  these policies may lapse if you do not continue to pay the premiums.  For questions or further information please contact Steve White at (864)379-4062.

Steve is working to see if the policies can be picked right back up from return from furlough but there is a possibility that you may have to be rewritten, so the insurance will probably go up.

Be Sure to call Steve for all of your questions on UTUIA Insurance (864)379-4062.

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