Local 1814 Spartanburg

South Carolina 

Called Back From Furlough - 7/14/2009


When you get called back from furlough contact Steve White for "IMPORTANT INFORMATION" concerning insurance!! His number is - 864-379-4062.

United HealthCare (Cobra) - 4/26/2009

Furloughed members should have received a new letter from United HealthCare (UHC) cutting the cost of COBRA benefits to you by 65%. Thats right, you only have to pay 35% of what it would have costed to maintain health care coverage through COBRA. If you have not received the letter from UHC with the details you need to call them. 1-800-842-5252.

Health Insurance - 3/26/2009

Just received a letter in the mail today from United HealthCare Railroad Accounts.

The letter is talking about continuation of health coverage through COBRA after your 4 month of furlough coverage ends.

The price is high for not having a job. 558.28 employee and 558.28 for spouse. Thats for MMCP or CHCB. Dental and vision are extra.

If you are furloughed and have not received a letter and need HEALTH INSURANCE call United HealthCare. 1-800-842-5252.

FURLOUGHED? Click here! - 3/16/2009



We have 30 brothers and sisters furloughed out of Greenville/Spartanburg.

If you have any insurance policies through the UTUIA (Steve White),  and you are currently furloughed,  these policies may lapse if you do not continue to pay the premiums.  For questions or further information please contact Steve White at (864)379-4062.

Steve is working to see if the policies can be picked right back up from return from furlough but there is a possibility that you may have to be rewritten, so the insurance will probably go up.

Be Sure to call Steve for all of your questions on UTUIA Insurance (864)379-4062.

UTUIA Insurance

Life Insurance


Accidental Death

Cancer Policy



Local meeting held on the 1st Tuesday of every month at 5PM. 

Next meeting Tuesday June 1st 2010.

Location: Mutts BBQ, Hwy 14. Take exit 56 from I85. Go 3.8 miles towards Greer.

What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You...

Most of our members are unaware of the many important issues

facing themselves and their union. Uninformed members can speak out, make sure that you know how. To learn more about your rights and duties as a member of the United Transportation Union, read your UTU Constitution and more importantly, attend your Local 1814 Union Meeting!

Remember, your future and the future of your family depends on it. 


How Your Union Works


Union Law

The UTU is governed by a Constitution which details the laws of the union and how they are applied. It spells out the obligations of officers and members. The UTU's Constitution is considered one of the best. The Constitution includes checks and balances. It guarantees high standards of protection for all members.


Craft Autonomy

Each craft within the UTU is guaranteed, by the Constitution, the right of self-determination on all matters affecting their working conditions.


The Union's Purpose

The union's purpose is to represent transportation service employees and to promote their general welfare, social, economic, and political interests.


Local Level

The local level is the point at which members have the most contact and input.  Involvement in your local chapter is the best way to stay informed and make sure that you know where you stand.


Local Presidents are elected by members of their locals every three (3) years. It is the President's responsibility to preside at meetings, supervise the local affairs, decide disputes, appoint committees, countersign documents and checks, and file necessary reports.

The Local Treasurer is elected by members of their local every three (3) years. The Treasurer of the local is charged with the responsibility of ensuring the proper collection of dues, disbursement of funds, keeping accurate financial records and filing all reports required by law.

The Local Legislative Representative is elected to office by the members of the Local every four (4) years. Your local Legislative Representative attends the State Legislative Board meetings where proposals are submitted on behalf of the membership to alter legislation, including health and safety matters. Your L.R. also handles safety issues and other legislative matters.

The Local Chairperson is elected to office by the members of the Local every four (4) years. The Local Chairperson is the Chair of the Local Committee of Adjustment, which is made up of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Secretary. Responsibilities include the handling of claims, grievances, discipline cases and disputes with management officials. He/she is available to the membership to assist in any of these areas of responsibility.

The Trustees are elected to office by the members of the local every three (3) years. Trustees, of which there are 3 in each Local, are responsible for supervising the financial affairs of the Local and performing the annual audit of the Local's finances.

A Local's Delegate
position is elected every four (4) years. It is the responsibility of the Delegate to attend the International Convention for the purposes of electing all International and National officers, and considering and voting on matters pertaining to the modification of the Constitution.



Intermediate Level

Each General Chairperson is elected by the members of the General Committee of Adjustment which is comprised of all the Local Chairpersons in each district on each property. The election to fill this position takes place every four (4) years at the convening of the General Committee of Adjustment. The General Chairperson handles all claims, grievances and discipline matters on a regional basis, with authority to make and interpret contracts on work rules and pay rates, and negotiate agreements with management officials on a national and regional level.

Each State Legislative Director is elected to office by members of the State Legislative Board which is comprised of Legislative Representatives of each local. The election to fill this position takes place every four (4) years. State Legislative Directors attend sessions of State Legislatures and keep close contact with state lawmakers to promote political and legislative interests of the members. They ensure compliance with the F.R.A regulations and the resolution of state safety matters.



International Level


All UTU officers are elected and, where necessary, are bonded to insure fiduciary responsibility to the members of the union.


International Structure


The International Union consists of one convention delegate from each local plus all elected officers and boards. Delegates are elected by the members of each local to attend quadrennial conventions where they decide on amendments to the Constitution and elect officers for the next four years.

The International President
is elected to office every four (4) years at the Convention. He/she heads all union affairs and activities, presides at conventions, supervises officers and employees, interprets union laws, decides all disputes, and exercises general executive and administrative control of daily activities of the union.

The Assistant President is elected to the office every four (4) years at the Convention. He/she assists the President in carrying out all policies and programs of the union and in any other matter assigned by the President.

The General Secretary and Treasurer is elected to office every four (4) years at the Convention. He/she is the chief financial officer of the union. This officer collects all monies, pays all bills, countersigns checks, documents and charters, keeps accurate records of finances, files all lawful reports and performs other duties required by convention or assigned by the President

The U.S. National Legislative Director
is the chief legislative and political officer in the U.S. He/she coordinates the activities of the State Legislative Representatives. He/she furnishes recommendations regarding political activities to the President. The U.S. Legislative Director is responsible for the resolution of rail safety issues and the passage of legislation protecting the interests of the membership.